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Play the Amazing Games from Realtime Gaming Provider With the RTG Casino Codes

RTG is an acronym for Real-Time Gaming. It is a software provider that develops games for the online gaming industry. The company has more than two decades of experience creating games for the online casino industry. It is one of the reasons why RTG is one of the most trusted companies in the online gambling space and used on leading sites such as Uptown Pokies Casino.

You may have noticed that the vast majority of the online gaming space is dominated by software providers situated in mainland Europe or the UK. RTG is different in that it is US-based with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

When it comes to real-time gaming, RTG mainly focuses on slot machines. Typically, their slots are packed with high-end pop-up visualizations and state-of-the-art graphics. Such features are the main reasons why the company is the number one choice of Uptown Pokies Casino.


What is an RTG Casino?

RTG casino is a term that refers to two things. First, it refers to any online casino hosting the company's games. Such a casino may also host games from other developers. Secondly, the term refers to any gambling house that exclusively offers RTG games. These gambling houses such as Uptown Pokies sign an exclusive deal with the company.

One of the benefits to players using RTG casinos is the access to new slots immediately they are launched. Gambling platforms that host other games alongside the ones for Realtime Gaming will need to wait for a set duration before they can access new titles.


What is an RTG Bonus Code?

Conventional promotions in the casino industry may require you to enter a promotion code to claim a welcome package or claim a bonus.

For instance, if you get a bonus code "RTG200" from Real-Time Gaming at Uptown Pokies, you will receive 200% of your deposit with a maximum of $600. The terms and conditions may require you to enter the code when you make your first deposit or when you register an account. You forfeit the bonus if you do not adhere to the terms.

Finding a no deposit bonus code online is not hard. Realtime Gaming offers codes on their partner casinos' homepage. The casinos can also decide to display the code on a promotional banner.

You may notice that some gaming houses using RTG games do not offer bonus codes. Instead of pop-ups for the bonus, they are automatically credited to your account once you meet a specific qualifying condition. For instance, you may receive the promotion or offer once you since up on the site.

At the same time, there are deposit bonus codes that are usually found in promotions designed for current members of the gambling house. For instance, a gambling house may notice you have stopped using your account for some time. They send you an email inquiring why you have not been active.

in this email, you will find they may include a promotional code. It may give you a matched deposit or a pre-determined number of free spins. Such an offer is tailored to you and is not open to other new or existing members. In such a scenario, the code is required to redeem the offer.

How to Find the Latest RTG Casino Codes

Since the offers and promotions are designed for existing players, it may be a challenge finding one as a new player. However, if you are keen on finding one, you may come across an offer that does not require a code.

Knowing places you can find one-time RTG offers is not an easy task. They are usually available for a short time. You will need to find a reputable casino offers and promotions site that will inform you immediately one is available.

Such a site will give you the code through your email or on your messages in your account. They usually give you the expiry date of the offer. It is wise to check your email and your account regularly to ensure you do not miss out.


Types of RTG Casino Codes

There are 4 main types of these offers. Knowing them can help you better understand what they entail and what you need to do to get them.

No Deposit Offers

In this case, you will not be required to deposit anything to get the offer. In some cases, they will not ask for your deposit methods and payment details. You will be awarded the moment you complete registration and start using the gaming site.

These offers come in a variety of ways. For instance, it can be a cash award such as $15. You may be required to use it on any slot game of your choice on the platform. It will not matter what you get from the offer. At the end of the day, you get a chance to win real money without using any of your money.

Free Spin Offers

Free spin offers are another popular offer on these gambling houses. In this case, you get a specified number of free spins for slot machines. Normally, the spin offer needs to be used on a specific slot title.

Any winnings you get using the spins will be debited to your account's bonus balance. If you meet the wagering requirements and the minimum withdrawal, you can cash out.

Matched Deposit Offers

These are the most popular among players in Realtime Gaming gambling houses. When you get one, the gambling house increases the first deposit to reach a specified amount using a particular percentage. Some gaming sites offer these offers to new and existing clients.

For example, you are given a matched deposit bonus of 300% with a maximum of $500. If you deposit $200 you will receive an additional $500 making your starting balance $700. It is calculated as $200 plus $200 X 3 (with a maximum of 500) making it $700. Matched deposit offers on RTG casinos are usually high at 100% or more.

Rollover Offers

Typically, such offers are done by gaming sites to their existing players. A rollover offer works the same way a matched offer works. Deposits of existing players are increased by the Realtime Gaming gambling house they use. Take note not all casinos using real time gaming software have rollover promote and offers.

On the downside, the offer usually does not increase more than 100% for new users. Percentages higher than 100 are usually reserved for existing clients.

All the above offers are given to new and exciting clients. RTG strives to ensure their casino software are popular in new casinos and existing ones. They provide these offers as a marketing strategy to increase use of their software and games.